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I am Andrea Sebastian and writing nursing school admission essay samples is my area of focus and expertise as an academic assignment writer. I was enthusiastic to follow a career in which I am proficient to give assistance and care for people. I had in my mind that becoming a nurse would allow me to accomplish this ambition. I knew that nursing is a career for committed, reliable, trusting people who are competent to build up relationships with patients swiftly. I had these skills and I authentically desired to make a difference to people especially when they are at their most vulnerable. I am from United States of America. I took my degrees in Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN). I obtained my degrees from the well known Johns Hopkins University. Immediately after completing my degree, I became a nurse in one of the well reputed hospitals in my native land. I have the experience of 11 years as a nurse. After the five years of my marriage, I gave up the profession of nurse and decided to turn my career to the academic assignment writing. Presently my main career is in academic assignment writing. I have got the experience of 12 years in the academic assignment field.

From my childhood onwards, I knew that nursing is a very challenging and demanding career from my mother who was a nurse for more than 34 years.  However I felt that the rewards that I get from the nursing career would be great and that I was all set to embark on this career. Nursing is a profession that I have always observed with respect. I considered that the role of a nurse can be very demanding and chaotic sometimes, as well as satisfying and gratifying. My primary educational goal especially when I went to pursue degrees in nursing was to increase my expertise in a field I have thoroughly come to enjoy. My career in nursing both as an academic assignment writer and a professional nurse offered me very good interpersonal skills, assisted me to be a good listener, empathetic, eager to learn and strive to improve themselves. When I decided to pursue a career in nursing, I believed that it will be the start of a long and successful career in working in the medical field and after a vast experience in the nursing field; I could recognize that my decision to pursue a career in nursing was a good decision.

I have been successful in writing and providing the students who were looking for unique and high quality nursing school admission essay for the last 12 years. So the main assurance of the affirmation that I can give is that the assignments and papers that I create for you will be 100% unique and quality work.  Likewise my works will appropriately be written to furnish all your academic purposes. My written assignments and essays will similarly be free from counterfeiting.  However if you consider that my work is replicated or not in quality, you are allowed to solicit the revision or cash back. 

Writing nursing school admission essay samples is my area of focus and expertise as an academic assignment writer. My 12 years acquaintance in the academic assignment field has been pretty rewarding and cheerful. My expertise subject fields are nursing, sociology and biology. I have written quite a number of assignments, articles and essays on nursing, sociology and biology. I have so far prepared just about 289 assignments and nursing school admission essay samples. My career in nursing especially both as a nurse and academic assignment writer brought me new challenges every day along with a lot of rewards and a real sense of job satisfaction. Commitment and selflessness are the most valued skills that gained from my journey as a nurse. Academic assignment writing particularly in writing nursing school admission essay samples is a profession that is exciting, ever changing, diverse, and allows opportunity for learning something new everyday. My assessment skills, communication skills, analytical skills and further my knowledge in medical field have eventually helped me a great deal to be expertise in writing nursing school admission essay samples.

Writing nursing school admission essay samples is a tough task for the students since writing nursing school admission essay requires a bare amount of writing skills. But there is no much difficult in writing nursing school admission essay samples if you can be familiar with the requirements and needs of an admission essay generally. Always keep in mind that the main idea of the nursing school admission essay is to demonstrate and also to prove that you are worth of being acknowledged to the nursing school you are applying for. Nursing school admission essay samples should take account of all the information about you and the events which prove that you in actual fact want to take up nursing as a career. It is spot on that your thoughts; skills, talent and knowledge lend a hand for you in writing a remarkable nursing school admission essay sample.    First of all think about your strengths and take time to dwell on the possible events that can make you qualified to the nursing school. Try to find out your strongest personality trait and any quality that distinguishes you from others through means of brainstorming. A good nursing school admission essay samples should notify a story about the candidate. Make sure that the story you are going to tell is not the story of your whole life but just a glimpse but it has to be told in a unique and captivating way. If you highlight your life experience, it can be a good turning point in your nursing school admission essay samples. You have to highlight the life experiences that have shaped who you are at the moment. The person reading your admission essay needs proof that you are these things and that you are acquainted with what you are getting into. So highlighting your life experience will be a better way to make your reader understand that you are a unique and desirable person for this program. You have to follow all the instructions of a nursing school admission committee. There should be a standard in the format of your essay. An introduction paragraph, well discussed body paragraphs and thoroughly recapped conclusion paragraph can bring a perfect standard for your nursing school admission essay samples. Along with your dreams, you are indeed required to narrate the reason for selecting a particular university for your nursing degree studies. Revise and proofread the complete essay once you have written it. There should absolutely have no grammatical or spelling errors. All in all, your writing should reflect your fascinating personality. Try to submit your nursing school admission essay samples before the deadline.

Client satisfaction is the main focus while I write papers, yet there is a possibility for muddles.   If there is an occurrence of any bother or disappointment I suggest my inestimable clients to contact me for the cash back. Each client has the right to claim for refund in the case of disappointment and if you discover that the work is counterfeited. I would like to remind you that I create articles by utilizing plagiarism checker. You require influencing me that the work is counterfeited by means of screenshot of plagiarism report when you claim for the money back. If I discover that your case is genuine, I will give back your cash.

Being a loyal and a full time writer in, I am undoubtedly, is wholly held fast to writer policies and guidelines.  I won't take any actions restricted to the organizations' rules and guidelines.